What Payment Methods are accepted?

At Leon du Preez International, we aim to make the partnership process as seamless as possible by offering a variety of secure and convenient payment methods. Here are the accepted payment methods and important information regarding automatic payments:

1. Accepted Payment Methods:

    • PayFast:
      • Primarily used for partners within South Africa.
      • Allows for payments using major credit and debit cards.
      • Provides a secure and efficient way to process payments in South African Rand (ZAR).
    • Stripe:
      • Widely used internationally, outside of South Africa.
      • Allows for payments using major credit and debit cards.
      • Supports multiple currencies and offers a secure payment processing system.
    • PayPal:
      • Another popular option for international partners.
      • Allows for payments using a linked bank account, credit/debit card, or PayPal balance.
      • Known for its robust security features and ease of use.

2. Automatic Payments:

    • Automatic Billing:
      • When you become a partner, automatic payments are set up to ensure uninterrupted support and access to your partnership benefits.
      • These payments are processed automatically on a recurring basis (monthly or annually, depending on your chosen partnership tier).
    • Manual Payments Not Accepted:
      • Manual payment methods such as cash, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), or wire transfers are not accepted.
      • The automatic payment system helps maintain consistency and security, ensuring that your contributions are processed without delay.

3. Setting Up and Managing Payments:

    • When you sign up for a partnership, you will be prompted to choose your preferred payment method from the options available (PayFast, Stripe, or PayPal), depending on your country or region.
    • You will need to provide the necessary payment details to complete the setup.
    • Automatic payments will then be processed according to the billing cycle of your chosen partnership tier.

4. Updating Payment Information:

    • If you need to update your payment method at any time, you can do so by logging into your Partner Account and navigating to the Subscription section.
    • Ensure your payment details are current to avoid any disruptions in your partnership benefits.

By offering these convenient and secure payment methods, Leon du Preez International ensures that your partnership experience is smooth and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on supporting the ministry’s mission and enjoying the exclusive benefits of your partnership tier.

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