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Leon du Preez


Leon du Preez, called as a prophet at the mere age of 17, has been influencing the nation of South Africa and abroad for over 15 years. He is a living example of the supernatural power of God and the transformation which comes through having a genuine prophetic encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ! Before age 17, Leon was bound by addiction, imprisoned in a lifestyle of darkness and under the control of demonic influence.

Confronted by one encounter with the supernatural power of God in a drug den, Leon’s life took a radical shift!

Surrendering his life to Jesus Christ – which resulted in immediate freedom – he obeyed the call of God to take that very Encounter which he experienced to the generation of this hour! This was the birth of “Encounter” – a multifaceted prophetic ministry, now recognized locally and globally.

In 2016, after successfully pioneering an international ministry, Leon and his wife, Este-Lee du Preez, founded the rapidly expanding “Encounter Church” in Centurion, South Africa and two years later planted a successful second branch of “Encounter Church” in Krugersdorp, South Africa.

Encounter Church boasts global influence and numerous groups all over the city, the Nation of South Africa and abroad – being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to their community.

Recognised and fathered by some of your greatest voices in the prophetic, a Prophet to Prophets – Prophet Uebert & Bebe Angel. Leon has the mandate to carry this Mantle of the Prophetic to the nation of South Africa and abroad! Leon is also currently holding the honorable position of Vice Chancellor to the Osborn Institute of Theology based in the United Kingdom. In the same light he has received awards and recognition by known and reputable overseer networks in the body of Christ for his work for the kingdom of God.

Leon is married to his beautiful wife, Este-Lee du Preez, who has been with him from the beginning of their ministry, having co-founded Leon du Preez International and Encounter, whilst overseeing both the women’s and children’s ministries. Their two beautiful daughters, Scarlet Grace du Preez and Bethany Angel du Preez are the most important part of their lives!

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