What content is available on EncounterNOW?

EncounterNOW offers a diverse range of anointed and inspirational content designed to enrich your spiritual journey and connect you with the teachings of Prophet Leon du Preez and Encounter Church. Here’s an overview of the types of content you can access on the platform:

Live and On-Demand Prophetic Messages

  • Live Broadcasts:
    • EncounterNOW provides regular live broadcasts featuring powerful prophetic messages and teachings from Prophet Leon du Preez and guest speakers. These live sessions allow you to participate in real-time and receive fresh, timely words of encouragement and guidance.
  • On-Demand Videos:
    • Access a vast library of on-demand videos, including recent and archived prophetic messages. This allows you to watch or re-watch teachings at your convenience, ensuring you never miss out on important spiritual insights.

Sermon Clips and Highlights

  • Archived Sermon Clips:
    • EncounterNOW offers clips and highlights from past sermons, making it easy to revisit key moments and powerful teachings. These clips are perfect for quick inspiration and reminders of important spiritual principles.

Prophetic Teachings

  • In-Depth Teachings:
    • The platform features comprehensive prophetic teachings that delve deep into various aspects of faith, spiritual growth, and prophetic ministry. These teachings are designed to equip and empower you in your spiritual walk.

Special Events and Conferences

  • Exclusive Access to Events:
    • Gain exclusive access to special events and conferences hosted by Prophet Leon du Preez and Encounter Church. These events often feature guest speakers and cover a range of prophetic and spiritual topics.

Weekly Live Broadcasts

  • Regular Updates:
    • Stay connected with weekly live broadcasts that provide fresh content and updates from the ministry. These broadcasts help you stay engaged with the latest teachings and happenings at Encounter Church.

Devotionals and Inspirational Content

  • Daily Devotionals:
    • EncounterNOW includes daily devotionals that offer bite-sized spiritual nourishment and encouragement. These devotionals are perfect for starting your day with a positive and faith-filled perspective.

How to Access the Content

EncounterNOW is designed to provide a comprehensive and immersive spiritual experience. It offers a wide range of content that caters to various aspects of your faith journey. Whether you are seeking prophetic messages, in-depth teachings, or daily inspiration, EncounterNOW has something to offer you.

For more detailed information and to explore the content, visit the EncounterNOW website.

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