What are the benefits of becoming a Partner?

Becoming a partner with Leon du Preez International is more than just gaining access to exclusive benefits; it’s about joining a mission to spread the Gospel and transform lives worldwide. While the benefits are significant, it’s important to remember that the primary focus of Partnership is to support Prophet Leon du Preez in fulfilling his vision. Here are the benefits you can expect based on the partnership tier you choose:

1. Access to the Exclusive Partners Portal:

Gain access to a dedicated portal designed specifically for partners. This portal includes unique content, updates, and resources to support your spiritual growth and involvement in the ministry.

2. Exclusive Live Teachings and Bible Studies:

Participate in live teachings and Bible studies that are exclusively available to partners. These sessions are conducted by Prophet Leon du Preez and other esteemed guests, providing deep insights and prophetic teachings.

3. Free eBooks:

Receive complimentary eBooks authored by Prophet Leon du Preez and other contributors. These books cover a range of topics aimed at enhancing your spiritual knowledge and growth.

4. Discounts on EncounterNOW and Various Courses:

Enjoy significant discounts on subscriptions to EncounterNOW, the ministry’s Video On Demand platform, and various courses offered through the Global School of Ministry. These discounts are tier-based, with higher tiers receiving greater discounts.

5. Prophet’s Exclusive Sermon Notes:

Access sermon notes from Prophet Leon du Preez’s teachings. These notes provide a deeper understanding and additional insights into the messages delivered during services and events.

6. VIP Seating at Events and Conferences:

VIP seating is offered to partners at various events and conferences. Please note that this benefit is tier-based and subject to availability, depending on the event and venue capacity. Higher-tier partners typically receive priority for VIP seating.

7. Private Partners Prayer Wall:

Submit your prayer requests to a private partners-only prayer wall. Prophet Leon du Preez and his dedicated prayer team will pray over your requests, offering spiritual support and intercession on your behalf.

8. Exclusive Sessions with Great Generals of Faith:

Participate in exclusive sessions with renowned generals of faith and friends of the ministry. These sessions provide unique opportunities to learn from and interact with influential leaders in the Christian community. This benefit is also tier-based, with higher tiers receiving more frequent and exclusive access.

9. Regular Gifts and Surprises:

Receive regular gifts and surprises as tokens of appreciation for your partnership. These gifts are designed to bless and enrich your life as a dedicated supporter of the ministry, with the frequency and type of gifts varying by partnership tier.

Focus of Partnership

While these benefits are substantial, it is crucial to understand that the sole focus of Partnership should never be about the benefits or exclusives. The main objective is to assist Prophet Leon du Preez in fulfilling his vision of transforming lives across the world. Partner Exclusives are regarded as gifts to you as a Partner and should never be the primary reason for partnering with Leon du Preez International.

By becoming a partner, you are not only supporting the ministry but also becoming a part of a global community committed to making a significant impact through the power of the Gospel. Your partnership helps to extend the ministry’s reach, touching lives and transforming communities worldwide.

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