Is access to the Mighty Networks Community free?

Yes, access to the Mighty Networks Community for Leon du Preez International is free; however, it is based on your status as a partner. The community offers various circles and resources that are specific to different partnership tiers. Here’s how it works:

  • Free Access for Partners:
    • As a partner of Leon du Preez International, you gain free access to the Mighty Networks Community. This allows you to connect with other partners, engage in discussions, and access exclusive content.
  • Tier-Specific Access:
    • While access to the community is free for partners, certain circles and resources within the community are only available to specific partnership tiers. This means that your level of access and the content you can engage with will depend on your partnership tier.
    • For example, higher-tier partners may have access to additional courses, exclusive live sessions, and more personalized content.

Key Points:

  • Becoming a Partner:
    • To join the Mighty Networks Community, you need to be an active partner of Leon du Preez International. If you are not yet a partner, you can sign up on the Partnership Page.
  • Accessing Exclusive Content:
    • Navigate to the Partner Exclusives Page on the Leon du Preez International website to find the specific Mighty Networks link for partners. This ensures you are directed to the correct landing page with access to your tier-specific circles and resources.
  • Benefits of Membership:
    • By joining the community, you can participate in discussions, attend events, engage with live teachings, and connect with other members. The level of access to these benefits will vary based on your partnership tier.
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