How much does EncounterNOW cost?

EncounterNOW offers a range of subscription plans to fit different needs, and there are several ways to access discounts and special offers. Here’s a breakdown of the costs and available discounts:

Free Trial

  • Free Trial Period:
    • New users can start with a free trial to explore all the features and content available on EncounterNOW. The free trial period allows you to experience the platform without any initial cost.

Subscription Plans

  • Monthly and Annual Plans:
    • After the free trial, users can choose from various subscription plans to continue accessing the content. These plans are designed to be flexible, offering both monthly and annual payment options.
    • Specific pricing details for the subscription plans can be found on the EncounterNOW website.

Partner Discounts

  • Exclusive Partner Discounts:
    • Leon du Preez International partners receive exclusive discounts on their EncounterNOW subscriptions. The percentage discount is determined by the partnership tier.
    • To access the discount, partners should log in to their Partner Account and visit the Partner Exclusives Page. There, they will find a discount activation link specific to their partnership tier.
    • Higher-tier partners typically receive larger discounts as a token of appreciation for their support.

Special Offers

  • Promotional Offers:
    • EncounterNOW occasionally offers special offers and promotions. These limited-time deals provide additional savings on subscriptions and are typically announced on the EncounterNOW website, through the platform’s newsletter, and through social media channels.
    • Keeping an eye on these promotions can help users take advantage of even greater savings.

How to Subscribe

  1. Visit the Website:
  2. Start Free Trial:
    • Click on “Start Free Trial” to sign up and create an account. Follow the prompts to enter your information and set up your account.
  3. Choose a Subscription Plan:
    • After the trial period, select the subscription plan that best suits your needs (monthly or annual).

EncounterNOW offers a variety of content to enrich your spiritual journey, and with the available discounts and special offers, you can enjoy these resources at a reduced cost. For more detailed pricing information and to start your subscription, visit the EncounterNOW website.

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