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Winning Wisdom

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The subject of Wisdom can not be over flogged. This time however, Dr David Oyedepo takes us
on a road we so desperately need to travel, on the issue of wisdom,if we must be part of the
heavy weight of glory coming upon the church these end times.
Dr Oyedepo says:
•" Without any doubt , I'm glad to announce to you that this the wisdom era of the
church! "
•" We are presently in the move of God that is target at removing shame , blemish,
reproaches, and failure from the church."
•"God's wisdom is not open, it is hidden. Its has to be uncovered."
•"We shine on the platform of wisdom. Our beauty is released on the ticket of wisdom.
Balancing your life on the wisdom of God will make you live a colourful life on earth.