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Satan Get Lost!

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God Wants You Free. The Lord spoke to me in a vision on the 1st of May 1981. I saw all the
blind, the lame, people in rags, men in pains, weeping and wailing. The vision was so real and
powerful that I joined them in crying! I couldn’t bear the level of agony they were going
I was in the presence of God for eighteen hours, watching this terrible, ugly and agonizing sight,
when God said to me, “From the beginning it was not so. Now the hour has come to liberate the
world from all oppressions of the devil, through the preaching of the Word of faith. And I am
sending you to undertake this task.”
Friend, I heard Him, just as clearly as any man would hear his friend speak in his ears. The Lord
spoke those outstanding words to me, and they turned my entire life around! They changed the
course of my thinking.