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Covenant Wealth

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Whether we like it or not, money and wealth are important aspects of living. Consciously or
unconsciously, everybody has need of it. It is actually the keenest contestant of God’s place in a
man’s life, not the devil. Although everybody has need of it, there are yet lots of debates and
arguments over it — either to defend the lack of it or the abundance of it.
As in all kingdom matters, there is only one person who gives the final word, He is the only
authority on it and to Him we will turn. He has left us His will from which we can know His mind
concerning every issue of life. Using the scriptures therefore, we are going to trace the master
key to supernatural wealth. We will see what wealth is all about, the distinction between worldly
and kingdom riches, its place in the covenant, God’s purpose for it and the conditions for it.