How To Survive A Spiritual Attack

R 151

“We have been desensitized to the existence and theological importance of the spiritual world.”

There are two kingdoms at war—the kingdom of heaven and the saints of God, contended by the kingdom of hell and its demons. Satan is real. Just under the surface of our everyday interactions, hiding in the shadows, clouded in mystery and confusion, the devil seeks to undermine what God is doing in us and through us.

Whether we believe it or not does not change the truth that we are caught up in an invisible war against the evil one and his forces that operate behind the scenes that seek to kill, steal and destroy. It is not a video game or a fairy tale but a very real war with a very real, deceptive foe who lurks in the dark places.

Spiritual attacks are evident, but the difference between those surviving the attacks and those that cannot recognize when they are under attack, whereas others will write it off as if it’s just part of life.

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