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Ordained as a prophet before birth, discovered at the mere age of 17. This was the moment when Leon du Preez got saved and delivered through an encounter with Jesus Christ. Leon du Preez became a living example of the supernatural power of God, that was imparted to him during his encounter. 

Leon’s mantle and role of a Prophet within the body of Christ has been recognized as a divine gift and endorsed by Senior Leaders, Ministers, and Prophets of Prophets. His God-given mandate is reaching millions across the globe, as he imparts a prophetic mantle to this generation.

With favourable prominence, Leon’s influence has a global reach of 1.3 million people on Social Media a month, 7 million viewers via TV broadcasts and Networks, and hundreds of partners who are being trained in the prophetic.

As the founder of one of the fast-growing churches in South Africa - Encounter Church Campuses, Leon’s ministry has become a household name within the Body of Christ. Encounter Global Groups was birthed through our live broadcast, which currently reaches and impacts the lives of many across the globe.

Leon’s multi-faceted ministry and internationally recognised conferences attract large crowds from every province within South Africa and frequently welcomes International visitors.

Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Leaders and business men and women travel from afar, nationally & internationally to receive impartation, equipping, covering, and direction from the Prophet.

He has been the author of more than 10 books, with a great demand regarding the subject of prophecy.

Leon is also the founder and president of “International University of the Prophetic” which trains, equips and imparts the subject of prophecy to believers.

Leon has been given favor and influence in the political sphere and oversees broad social development strategies. One of these is the Second Chance Project. This initiative ministers to over 30 schools on a weekly basis, bringing empowerment, healing, and deliverance to thousands of learners.

One of the other wings of his ministry, Encounter Hope, is driven by the mission to bring hope to those in need, being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ to the community. This is the philanthropy work of Leon & Este-Lee du Preez towards society. This initiative currently reaches out to orphanages, rehabilitation centres, old age homes, and in the process of sponsoring bursaries to students who are unable.

Leon is married to his beautiful wife, Este-Lee du Preez, with his two princess daughters, Scarlet Grace du Preez and Bethany Angel du Preez.