The Decade
of Prophets

Prophet Leon du Preez’s ministry and Encounter Church are followed by notable signs, wonders, miracles and especially prophecy.

Prophet Leon Du Preez

Leon du Preez, as Founder and President of Encounter Churches and Encounter Global Network, carries a mantle and role of a Prophet within the body of Christ.

Meet the man
behind The Mantle

Ordained as a prophet before birth, discovered at the mere age of 17. This was the moment when Leon du Preez got saved and delivered through an encounter with Jesus Christ. Leon du Preez became a living example of the supernatural power of God, that was imparted to him during his encounter.


What an honor it is to be a servant of the Most High. The Kingdom of God is mightily moving and reaching the multitudes all over the world, and that is why I am personally inviting you to become a Covenant Partner of The Inner Circle. Together we will fulfill all that God has set us out to accomplish for the Glory of His Kingdom.


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