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Day 54  - Do You Trust God?

Day 54 - Do You Trust God?

“The Lord is a warrior, the Lord is His name”

Exodus 15:3 (NIV)

God is a warrior, and He is fighting on your behalf. Do you trust Him with your life?

The people came to Moses and said: “Moses, you keep on speaking about God, but we want to meet Him and we want to see Him.” So, Moses told them to come to the mountain. When the people assembled at the base of the mountain, God told Moses to tell the people not to come too close to the mountain. While they were

standing and waiting, Moses told them to prepare themselves, for God is coming.

Before God appeared on the mountain, He first sent other signs to His people. The Bible says that smoke came down and covered the mountain, then lighting began to appear, followed by thunder. But the people responded in fear. These signs were too much for them to comprehend. Moses urged them to wait a little longer because he knew that God was still coming, but after the thunder, there was a great earthquake and the people begged Moses for this to stop.

They began to deny that this could be the hand of God. They began to speak out of fear, questioning who could look upon the Lord of Hosts and live. This was not yet a manifestation of God in His entirety.

It’s time that we, as the Body of Christ, begin to perceive God in His fullness. This will cause us to run to Him, instead of away from Him.


“From today, I choose to see God in His fullness. I choose to rest and submit to Him, and let Him fight all my battles in the Name of Jesus.”



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