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Believers across the World had high-hopes and great expectancy for 2020, but within only a few months of this year, many fell into one of the deepest pits of hopelessness, fear and despair that they have ever faced.

This did not only affect South Africans, but the whole World.

Many were unprepared for the storm which struck our finances, our health, our families, and virtually every aspect of our lives. However, for those who had an ear to hear, I prophesied much of this persecution on the 31st December 2019, before we welcomed the dawn of 2020. Some of those who heard the Word of the Lord for 2020 were anticipating the storm that would come, and were prepared.

The Lord gave me clear insight into 2021, and as a Prophet, I have been mandated to share this – in part – with the body of Christ.

What is God saying for 2021?

How can we prepare ourselves for what is to come?

There has been so much change forced onto us, that even as the body of Christ, many were left not knowing where to turn. However, God’s Word and His Prophets hold the answers that we desperately seek.

According to the Jewish calendar, the decade from 5770 to 5779 was a decade of sight and perception. In the year 5780, which launched in 2019 September, we entered into a new decade known as “The Decade of the Prophets.”

How did we get to this conclusion?

When we look at the previous decade of 5770, and we take “AYIN” it carries the numerical value of “70” and a picture of an eye, thus showing us that it was a decade of insight and perception.

In 2019 September, we stepped into a new decade 5780 – the decade of the mouth. This means that what God speaks, we need to speak – that’s why scholars have concluded that this is the decade of His Prophets.

According to the Hebrew alphabet “AYIN” (sight) came before “PEY” (mouth) which means what we have seen, and now, need to speak.

Scripture reference:

Watch and pray, lest you enter into temptation. The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

- Matthew 26:41 NKJV

What can we expect in the next decade?

  • God will raise up many Prophets and expose many false Prophets
  • God wants Christians to know the power that they have in their mouths.

On the 19th September 2020, we entered into a new year according to the Jewish calendar. That is, the year known as 5781, which carries great spiritual significance.

What is the meaning of the year 5781 according to the Jewish calendar?

  1. HEY

Hey is the 5th letter in the Hebrew Alphabet

Numerical Value: 5

Pictograph: Man with hands raised. 

Meaning: To Behold, look upon, see with eyes, or experience.

  1. ZAYIN

Zayin is the 7th letter in the Hebrew alphabet.

Numerical value: 7

Pictogram: Plow

Meaning: A plough or weapon

  1. CHET

Chet is the 8th letter on the Hebrew alphabet.

Numerical value: 8

Pictogram: Fence  

Meaning: To fence, to lock up, enclose, shut

  1. ALEPH

 Aleph is the 1st letter on the Hebrew alphabet.

Numerical value: 1

Pictogram: OX 

Meaning: Strength of an ox; leadership.

Prophetic Meaning:

When we combine the meanings from the Hebrew alphabet of 5781, it means: the silencing and shutting of mouths with the fence, and an enclosure.

When a born again believer speaks the Word of God with faith, the supernatural power of God goes immediately into operation. This means that there is potential in your mouth to create, to bring about deliverance and to expand the Kingdom of God. And the enemy knows it. As a result, the enemy will do everything to shut your mouth – and corona is a physical manifestation of this!

The enemy wants the leadership in your voice to be silenced. If you don’t step out, that is where the enemy will take you out.

Our duty as we step into 2021, known as “Rosh Hoshana” according to the new Jewish calendar will be to:

  • Speak the Word of God with power,
  • To CONTRADICT every difficult situation that you might face with your words.

Prophetic Declarations:

 “My strength will be recovered,

My joy will be recovered,

My peace will be recovered,

My hope will be recovered,

My business will recover,

My finances will recover,

My job will recover,

My marriage will recover,

Divine relationships will recover!





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