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11 Supernatural Powers of a Father

11 Supernatural Powers of a Father

If you are a born again believer and have positioned yourself to wreak havoc in the kingdom of darkness, you would most likely have experienced some opposition.

The saying becomes true, “When all of hell comes against you, then you know you’re doing something right!”

For those who pose a threat to the enemy, you will often find yourself in line for attack, persecution and opposition. Personally, I have seen this first-hand in my life. As a prophet, the devil is constantly sending threats my way.

The point I’m trying to get across is that any person, any relationship, or any role which poses a threat to the enemy will be attacked.

This is precisely why the enemy so desires to destroy the role of fatherhood.

All across the World, we see true fatherhood lacking. Either the enemy has completely broken up the family unit so that the father is absent, or he has caused distance to creep into the household, or has brought a schism into the hearts of the sons/daughters where they cannot receive any more from their father. The same has crept into the Body of Christ.

Just as we see Fatherhood in the trinity, so has God ordained for spiritual fathers to be active in the Church as well.

In order for us, as believers, to maintain the generational transference that comes after us, we need to gain an understanding of the revelation of what a father is and what it means to become a spiritual son or daughter.

“Fathers determine the state and the effectiveness of the next generation.”

There are numerous functions which fathers play, which are crucial in the body of Christ, especially in the way that they train, teach, equip, invest and impart.

To bring understanding on the importance of the role of a father, as well as the treasures and riches which are locked up in a father, I’ll be sharing with you the 15 “supernatural powers” that both a natural and spiritual father carry.

Supernatural Power # 1 - He is a Cultivator

As a cultivator, a father improves the quality of something so that it can produce something greater.

A cultivator is someone who makes things fruitful and who improves upon what he receives. He can take anything and make something out of it. A cultivator does not just maintain what was placed under their care but constantly improves it.

In the same way, a father cultivates the gifts and talents of his children. His main mission is to lead his children to discover and develop their purpose, calling, and destiny in God.

Supernatural Power # 2 - He is an Endorser

To endorse is to put your full weight behind something or someone and to back it up. In Mark 16:15-18, we see God endorsing their actions with His signs.

A father who endorses his children adds value and identity to them, while constantly encouraging them to do something meaningful, and assures them that their lives are worthy.

After being saved, our heavenly Father also fills us with self-worth and identity – we then become His sons and daughters. God then uses a spiritual father to activate that worth in His children, to help them to understand their worth by investing time, money, training, and wisdom into their lives.

Supernatural Power # 3 - He is a Protector

A protector is someone that shields those under his covering and care when the enemy attacks, just like David did when he had to fight the lion and the bear to protect his sheep. Fathers protect their children from the one that roams like a roaring lion.

A father’s protection includes three characteristics, which are:

  1. Offering security – not only physically, but through identity and self-confidence
  2. Providing a covering – even as we are covered under the shadow of the Almighty
  3. Creating a place of refuge – where a father brings comfort, healing and restoration.

Without a spiritual covering, the body of Christ – especially Pastors and Ministers – are left to walk alone, and are therefore an easy target of the enemy.

Supernatural Power # 4 - He is a Mentor

A mentor is someone who teaches, exhorts, strengthens, disciples, equips, guides, and encourages. Fathers are all called to be their children’s mentors and will guide their children according to what they receive from God concerning their lives and well-being.

A perfect example of this can be seen in the life of Paul when he said, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.” This was speaking of mentorship and fatherhood.

Supernatural Power # 5 - He is a Leader

A leader leads by example and paves the way for those who follow. This person is not a dominant or controlling father, but one who encourages his followers to keep moving forward.

He can organize, direct, judge, and make wise decisions which will generally satisfy everyone and also provide a sense of security. He can identify what his child’s gift is, and develop that gift until the child reaches maturity – all without distorting the purpose of God for their life.

Supernatural Power # 6 - He is an Encourager

A father gives his children, or those under his fatherhood, the confidence to go and do beyond what they would have been able to accomplish on their own.

This father will encourage while being patient, especially when the children fail.

Supernatural Power # 7 - He carries the burden

A good father assumes all responsibility, is faithful and dependable. He never gives up because that is simply not an option, and because giving up is not in the heart of God.

Supernatural Power # 8 - He is a Stabilizer

As a father, he acts as an anchor.

What is the purpose of an anchor?

  • An anchor keeps a boat from capsizing when going through severe storms.
  • An anchor provides directional control in case of steering failure.

Fathers are called to be stable and secure people, just as the heavenly Father is stable and secure. Fathers should portray biblical principles and values; firm and with strong convictions that can lead their children to grow and imitate what they do. They should be people of integrity; never doubting or changing, just as our heavenly Father is.

Supernatural Power # 9 - He is a Provider

A provider supplies all the material needs of those for whom he is responsible. He anticipates their every necessity, thus before the need arises, the provision has already been made.

His family, his children, and everyone for whom he is responsible will have enough to eat and to drink. They have a roof over their heads and clothes to wear at all times.

“But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”
1 Timothy 5:8

Before God gave the woman to Adam, God gave him work. Working hard and being diligent is the most important principle of a good provider.

Supernatural Power # 10 - He is a Trainer

A trainer is someone from whom children and disciples can extract experiences and abilities necessary to face and overcome their own battles.

When a father demonstrates his ability, wisdom, and experience to fight the big battles, his children will desire to become like him. Each victory that the father gains is one less battle that his children will have to fight, which will lead them to climb to higher levels.

Supernatural Power # 11 – He Disciplines

A father corrects and disciplines his children with love. This is not discipline to abuse. It is not to let go of his anger or wrath, but because he cares for their well-being.

Discipline is necessary so that the children can learn to respect authority and not grow up like Eli’s sons. Eli was aware of his sons’ sins but did nothing about it, and because he was a permissive father, God had to punish his home. (1 Samuel 2:22-24)

Discipline might save a child’s future, and it is of the utmost necessity.

“My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord, nor be discouraged when you are rebuked by Him; for whom the Lord loves He chastens…”
Hebrews 12:5-6

The phrase, “Do not despise,” stands out in this verse, and means not to think lightly of things; not to mock or ridicule the Lord’s discipline, as some tend to do. We should welcome the discipline because the Lord disciplines those He loves.


We need to understand that the ministry of a father will bring a greater understanding of what a family really is within the local church and in society.

When we choose to submit to the covering of a father in a congregation, we not only have access to their mantle, their inheritance, their anointing and their gifts, but we also partake in his identity as a chosen vessel of God.

When we understand and experience the ministry of the father, we ensure blessings for our future generations.

In conclusion, as sons and daughters of the most high God, we can take comfort in knowing that we have a wonderful, good, and forgiving heavenly Father whom we should always revere, and who we can imitate to attain success in this lifetime.



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